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Marching towards relaxation: Why A Deer Cottage is the perfect place to unwind

Last month I touched on meditation and breathing. Many New Zealanders have been hit hard with the flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle, and for many the recovery and clean up is still a slow process, in this March blog I have decided to chat a little about A Deer Cottage, and what a beautiful little haven we have here in Kaukapakapa.

Check out the following slideshow with all the different colours of gorgeousness - isn't Kaukapakapa spectacular!........

Kaukapakapa is approximately 44.8 km's from Auckland and its CBD, (central business district), but really we are a whole lifetime away from the busy hustle and bustle that the Auckland city provides, however within an hour you can be sitting out in the countryside enjoying the stunning Kaipara Harbour's expansive view, listening to the Indian runner ducks, chickens, cicadas and moreporks - the New Zealand ruru, a small brown owl, and if you are especially lucky you may see one of the fallow deer down by the pond.

At A Deer Cottage, as your host, it has always been my wish that your stay is memorable, regardless if you are visiting New Zealand, getting married at Waterfall Farms just 10 minutes up the road, or you live in New Zealand and want some time out, I get a real kick out of making the guest happy and if they would "write home about A Deer Cottage", even better.

Creating a peaceful and comforting atmosphere is something I take great pleasure in providing, the queen size beds are comfortable, put together with luxury linens, plush blankets and pillows with a chocolate on top. The cozy, relaxing lounge has little touches with a vase of garden picked fresh flowers. The homemade soaps and room diffuser, soft 'his n her' dressing gowns complete the pristine and clean bathroom. The kitchenette has a well stocked fridge with fresh orange juice, a bottle of wine, farm fresh eggs and muesli. If my guest, is hungry as an optional extra they can look at a Margherita or meatlovers pizza to cook on the Mexican chimera under the stars, or inside A Deer Cottage.

Many of my guests have mentioned it is the little touches that they enjoy, and it is these little touches that I particularly like to add. Both Te Kani and I enjoy meeting our guests, chatting about Kaukapakapa and what the area has to offer. We also care about our guests well-being, I have found through my own

life journey and during times of stress or grief, it is especially comforting to sit quietly in the surrounds of nature. A Deer Cottage is a lovely refuge for guests to take a break from their daily responsibilities, focus on their well-being, take a respite from the outside world and to escape the noise and distractions from daily life, guests are able to recharge and rejuvenate.

While we have had such unpredictable weather this year, we have also had some perfect days and evenings to enjoy the great outdoors, and A Deer Cottage offers plenty of opportunities to do just that. One of our past guests' favourite spots was our outdoor bath area, a hidden gem tucked away under the stars, twinkling solar lights and candles, a truly magical little haven complete with the Mexican chimera where you can cook your pizza and enjoy the stunning views of the Kaipara harbour, a perfect spot to unwind. You are welcome to use the swimming pool, spa pool, and outdoor shower, while also enjoying all the comforts of our cozy B&B.

As March draws to a close, we hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into life at our bed and breakfast. We pride ourselves on providing a warm, welcoming environment where guests can unwind and recharge. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat to escape the stresses of daily life, or simply a comfortable place to rest your head while exploring the natural beauty of the Kaipara region, we have something for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this month's blog post. To learn more about our bed and breakfast, and to book your own stay, please visit our website here

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Until next time Angela & Te Kani 🦌❤️🦌

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