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Why A Deer Cottage?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

I was born 13 June 1965, into a warm and loving family. My Granny Joyce, my inspiration, was elegant, and so very creative. Not only did she sew all her own clothes, she taught pottery, she painted, wrote poetry, and made the most incredible shell tables. As a little girl I would walk the beach with her collecting the shells to make the tables and shell animals. I would sit on her lap and snuggle up with her, and watch her paint her toe nails with bright red polish. My Mother Pamela, taught me to sew, knit and crochet before I was 12. When my Mum passed away, I acquired all Granny and Mum's beautiful dresses, fur coats, smocked baby romper suits, Ball gowns, silk summer frocks, crocodile skin shoes and handbags.

I love people, I love making others happy, and that makes me happy, Mum loved having people over when I was growing up, watching her entertaining her friends always made me feel good. Ten years ago, we built our house "Waihora Lodge", (Waihora meaning spreading waters), and as we overlook the expansive Kaipara Harbour, and the name had already been used by my Grandparents, I thought the label fit. "Waihora Lodge", our forever home, has been taken from my Granny Joyce, and Grandpa Logan's house design, a real 1934 classic. We have filled it with lots of sentimental 'bits n bobs' from their lives. It is my haven. I love my garden, a real work in progress, growing organic veggie's, berries and picking fruit from our orchard is a blessing. I believe with the love and creativity I have grown up with, and my love of people and making others happy, "A Deer Cottage" is a natural progression. Your "A Deer Cottage", is a self contained little haven for you to enjoy, it comes with its own entrance and courtyard, overlooking the Kaipara Harbour. To be able to share this makes me complete. To find out more or to book click here.

Granny Joyce, Mum Pamela with Trim the Irish Setter, outside their home in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

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