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Excitement and bubbles.....

So right at this present point in time, my husband Te Kani and I are sitting at Auckland International Airport, full of excitement and anticipation, and what a journey it has been to get to this point! Late last year our eldest son, informed us that he and his wife were expecting our very first grand baby, I will never forget the happy tears and jubilation I felt, and also a mix of anxiety, as with the World the way it has been with covid, we were very unsure if we would be able to travel to Japan to not only meet our little grand daughter but also be able to be with our son and his wife, to offer our help and support. We are totally blessed that the Japanese Embassy granted us a special visa that has enabled us to be where we are this morning, looking forward to those happy tears of our reunion and our first meeting with baby Luna.

The lead up for the birth of little Luna, has been a busy time for us all, and A Deer Cottage, we have had so many lovely guests, and with all my projects not only with A Deer Cottage, I have also been crafting and sewing on a regular basis. I think now that I have sat down at Auckland's International Airport to write this blog, I can take a long slow breath and start to relax.

This year in particular has had its hurdles, we had our eldest daughter and her fiancé leave New Zealand for the sunny shores of Melbourne to continue her Nursing career, our youngest daughter living in Wellington come up to visit us for her birthday, but couldn't actually be with us, as we ended up with covid, and only two days ago, we dropped our youngest son off to Waiouru to join the New Zealand Army.

A few months ago Te Kani has taken on a new role within the New Zealand Navy, his work colleague wanted to thank him for all his support and guidance, he and his wife surprised Te Kani when they made a visit to our house and awarded him with a magnificent Pouihi hand carved by Ngahiwi, we had a blessing for the Pouihi, made more special that on New Zealand's first Matariki Day, Te Kani and I erected the Pouihi into our garden, overlooking our house. Every day, through life's joys and hurdles I find time to count my blessings and be so very grateful for the life we are given, and the journey we are on.

When we return from Japan, our life will be quite different being empty nesters after 31 years. However, I think I will quickly adapt. I absolutely love A Deer Cottage, I love meeting our guests, making sure they are happy and having the best time they could possibly have, this all gives me such a huge sense of satisfaction. I am very grateful for my colleague Bev who is helping with A Deer Cottage while we are away, follow us on Instagram or another blog update before too long.....

Take care, and thank you all so much for your custom. With affection Angela & Te Kani Te Wiata


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