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What to do in the Winter months.......

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A few days ago, I posted my latest A Deer Cottage blog, I have this time decided to attach this to my Monthly Newsletter (well to be honest I have every intention to send out a Monthly Newsletter, however sometimes I get bogged down!), anyway, here it is. I try each Newsletter to do a write up on a local small business, as I think it is great to be able to support local. I firmly believe "what goes around, comes around", and if you live each day with love in your heart and kindness, hopefully that will rub off on everyone you come across. This month I have written about Lauren, and her Business Farmfolly, situated in Kaukapakapa - we have some wonderful local talent, and it is great to be able to support them.

We have also had some spectacular West Coast sunsets, tonight when I was throwing the ball to Macy, the eye candy was just so gorgeous, so I thought I would just add a little slideshow for you to enjoy!

Things at A Deer Cottage have been ticking along nicely. We love our little paradise in Kaukapakapa, we are part of a busy little country community, the local primary schools have an annual Agriculture Day, where the children rear their sheep, cows, pigs, chicken, ducks, homemade crafts, sculptured veggies etc. AG Day is generally in October, and on a Saturday, all the local schools join in the fun, the kids love it, especially the prospect of achieving a ribbon or lucky are these kids, to have this kind of lifestyle all within an hour from Auckland city and its CBD.

I was chatting to my 18 year old son today when I was dropping him to work, and I commented on a dense block of housing being built crammed next to each other, and I said to him, "would you like to live that close to another house?" and he said probably not. How lucky are we, that we can have a beautiful Kaipara Harbour view, a piece of land where you can just relax, put your feet up, breathe the fresh air, and just enjoy life as it should be, and only 20 minutes from the Silverdale interchange and State Highway 1.

The last few years have been so busy, so stressful with Covid worries, stresses not being able to travel to see loved ones, financial worries, insecurities with life changing so rapidly. I have had to learn some new ways to relax, and enjoy life.... I have found, if I just stop, sit and relax my breathing, I can refocus. We are so blessed that we can enjoy what life has to offer, you too can enjoy and destress your hectic life here at A Deer Cottage, your weekend escape!

I really love this hospitality gig, it makes me happy when our Guests are happy. If you would like to enjoy click here

However, having a boutique Bed and Breakfast, requires constant refreshing, keeping everything just the way our Guests would like. I love when my Guests comment in our Review Book, I love their views and opinions on how to make A Deer Cottage the best it can be. I love the personal touches I add, homemade soap, a lovely thoughtful breakfast, flowers, chocolates and wine, a little sweet treat for you to enjoy.

Over this last weekend, I decided it would be good to have a small outdoor compost bin for Guests at A Deer Cottage to dispose of their organic waste, this I can give to the chooks or use for my pottage garden. I had an old cast iron pot with a rusty lid, so I cut the handle off it, and repositioned it on a lovely floral plate, this will be perfect for Guests to use on their stay.

I think Winter is a perfect time to refresh your Bed and Breakfast, I thought both baths could have a new lick of paint, we have to maintain the baths on a regular basis as they are exposed to the elements, so I set about sanding them both back again, undercoating and painting. I took the feet off and gave them a refresh too. Of course, after cleaning up, you have to light the Chimera, fill the bath and enjoy a glass of wine, I have been enjoying an Australian Brown Brothers Vintage Red. It is so cool on a gorgeous evening, to find solace, enjoy this private little haven, your very own special escape.. your bath under the stars. To book click here

By chance meeting, I stumbled across Lauren at Farmfolly. Farmfolly is a gorgeous boutique store, located from their little farm in Kaukapakapa. Lauren is a busy Mum of four wee children, however she still manages to have time to lovingly hand make natural skincare inclusive of solid moisturisers, cold pressed soaps, hair care, natural deodorants, sun protection etc.

Farmfolly is eco conscious and plastic free, all products are homeware packaged with natures goodness and the Earth in mind. I love that their Business is founded on the knowledge that your skin is an organ, and whatever you put on your skin can be absorbed straight into the bloodstream. They quote " Therefore, the majority of ingredients across the range are safe and nutritious to consume....NB Farmfolly products feel better than they taste!"

Lauren frequents the local markets, recently she has made a wonderful gift basket for the upcoming Father's Day including soaps and moisturiser in a cool African themed beeswax wrap or the fisherman's tackle. The soap's you get a choice of either "Beer man" with real beer or "Father in a million" with woody tones and creamy coconut. The moisturiser is infused with comfrey sandalwood and orange, smells amazing and deeply good does that sound, and they look just as spectacular, I am thinking I will be ordering my gift basket for Te Kani.

You can check out Farmfolly through Instagram - @farmfolly. Facebook - Farmfolly, or click here for the Farmfolly website.

Next Newsletter, I am thinking of doing another write up of "What to do locally", and go a little further afield to Silverdale, Matakana, Waimauku, and of course another write up of a local business. If you are interested in featuring in my Newsletter, feel free to contact me via Angela at

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