The Great Outdoors - bath, fairy lights & stars

At A Deer Cottage, I am constantly curating ideas on how to improve my boutique accomodation - something I have come to regard as my fifth child - and I'm so excited to bring you my latest project. For some years now, I have been interested in a multitude of ways to rest, rejuvenate, and most of all, relax. I have found myself attending a spiritualist church where we learn about things such as meditation and healing. I found these practices extremely beneficial in my day-to-day life, and I wanted to create a similar experience for the very special people that chose to stay in my slice of heaven.

It all started with a vision....What started out as an empty slice of land, some cast-iron antique bath feet, a recycled door, a dunny, some picket fence panels, and a pretty gate, turned into a sweet escape, that overlooks the stunning Kaipara Harbour.

Recycled cast-iron bath feet

Luckily, I have an amazing bestie who was willing to help us out with the groundwork, digger and pole driver, brawn power, and skill. (Thank you, Shawn). So, with my husband Te Kani taking a few days off work, we were "all stations go" and boy did we go... From morning to night, we dug, nailed, painted, built, planted. Once we started we were on a roll, from the first nail in the retaining wall, and dunny platform (outhouse change room), to the building of the picket fence, and picket gate, we were driven.

"Occupied" = Flag open

We quickly moved on to spreading the gap 10 ground fill, and placing the paving slabs. I went to bed as dusk was setting in - absolutely exhausted - and I know Te Kani felt the same. Albeit, we were very contented, that at long last, my dream vision was coming to life.

Before long, we were looking at the exciting finishing touches. Shawn hung the gate, Te Kani plumbed in the bath, and I had the task of planting the planter boxes.

"Available" = Flag closed

Finally, I was dressing this special little nook with the finishing touches - the Mexican outdoor fire and cooker, the fairy lights, the candles, the cast iron camp grill to heat the bath. The final picture? Te Kani and I under the stars with a bottle of beer to relax and unwind - bliss. Check out the end result. (hedge planting to come next year).

What better way to spend a warm summer's night, than soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salts, surrounded by candles and soft music - you can feel all your worries melt away. Enjoy the night sky, filled with twinkling stars and a beverage - on us!

photographer for collection above:

collection of photos above, as well as the progress photos, are all my own.


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