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Gosh it is November 2022 already....

I can hardly believe we are nearing the end of 2022, it seems crazy to me. I suppose spending a month in Japan mid year, and then coming back and gadding around the North Island of New Zealand for graduations, weddings, and then settling our youngest son into his new Army life, it all seems to have sucked up all the spare hours in a day, week, year....

I started off a few years ago, writing my A Deer Cottage blog, to interview locals from Kaukapakapa, and also letting my followers know all about different activities and places of interest local to A Deer Cottage. Along the way I have interviewed some lovely people, from florists, to house and business exterior window and cladding washing, to a boutique homemade soap creator . This month I interviewed another local Bed & Breakfast accommodation provider. Please have a read below to find out all about Becs from "The Stables Cottage".

When thinking back on my own journey and what bought me to A Deer Cottage, I quickly realised, how much satisfaction and love I have for what I am doing. After our youngest son left home to join the Army, and our eldest son got married and had our first grandchild, I reflect back through the last 32 years of me being a mum, with my husband being in the Navy for all of those years, and travel being a consistent part of his career, I spent most of those 32 years looking after our four children. When we built our gorgeous Cape Cod style home, based upon the home my grandparents built and lived in, I always dreamed that one day we would have a bed & breakfast, and once the timing was right, approximately three years ago, that is exactly what I set my heart and mind too.

Being creative, I just love making A Deer Cottage the complete package, the garden, the outdoor bath, the home furnishings, the interior design, the privacy, the hospitality.....these things are all key for me, and at the end of the guests visit, the clean up, the washing and ironing of the sheets, and all the other bits and bobs that I do to make your stay special. I also love to make soap, and room spray, which I add to A Deer Cottage, all of this does not really feel like a chore for me, I think because I am so invested in A Deer Cottage, and my love for what I am doing, things just flow. The icing on the cake is reading my reviews in the Guest Book, as well as when I get 100% 5/5 google reviews....I just love it. A Deer Cottage, has given me a sense of purpose, so with this in mind I would like to thank everyone that has contributed towards helping make A Deer Cottage the special haven it is.

A couple of recent guests made comment that they got a little lost finding the entrance to A Deer Cottage in their review, as I take all comments to heart, I quickly set about making a couple of new signs to indicate how to find the entrance to A Deer Cottage, I hope both these new signs will make things a little easier to navigate your way to the front door of A Deer Cottage.

I think one of the special freebies you get from A Deer Cottage in Kaukapakapa, is the amazing sunsets and Kaipara Harbour's expansive view .... check out the photos and video clip, and if you wish to find out more about A Deer Cottage click here

I have always cherished my friendships, and this year has been no different, so when I have had a couple of those special people in my life have a cancer journey in front of them, I just want to

be the best friend that I can possibly be, every day I realise how blessed I am to have friends. A few days ago, with two of my sister's we went to visit my Aunty June, my late dad's only sibling, Aunty June has been one of those consistent wonderful people in my life, she absolutely means the World to me. Aunty June also has one of those birth dates I never forget 1st of June, and this year Aunty June turned 102! Our visit was full of lots of laughs and happiness, as Aunty June recalled some special memories she has. My sister Frith took her a bar of Whittakers Gingerbread chocolate, which went down a treat. I left the visit on a high, as I am sure my sister's did as well.

Anyway, as I promised I wanted to tell you all about Becs and "The Stables Cottage". I met Becs earlier this year, when I dropped a guest from A Deer Cottage to "The Stables Cottage", to meet up with her sister who was getting married at the Waterfall Farm Wedding venue (I have also interviewed Ashley from this most gorgeous venue, you can read the interview in my August 2021 blog "Heigh ho, Heigh ho, it is off to work I go" ). Becs invited me into her home, and instantly I felt incredibly welcomed, and a special connection, the conversation flowed as I admired her gorgeous property and garden. Within that conversation I asked Becs if I could interview her for my blog. It has taken a few attempts to get there, as we both have been so busy, but here we are. Becs turned up to be informally interviewed with a magnificent bunch of flowers from her garden, and some lovely eats, and after me showing her around A Deer Cottage and our property, we got to it.

In Becs former working life, she worked with a textile company for 7 years, and this explained the lovely touches she uses in "The Stables Cottage". After deciding in January of this year she would like to develop and grow "The Stables Cottage", and spend more time around the property with her husband and teenagers, with also tending her gorgeous garden, it was a no brainer for her, she has absolutely found her happy place, she finds she can forget everything else, and spend moments with her creative ability and nurture "The Stables Cottage" and this makes her happy. Becs talked about making other people happy, and I think because of this "The Stables Cottage" has grown very quickly. I too have found great hospitality is key to making guests feel welcome, we both believe going that extra mile, can make the difference!

Becs advertisers "The Stables Cottage" through Airbnb and Instagram, she loves the Airbnb platform, she states "it is worldwide, and she receives amazing support, and finds everyone knows Airbnb". Becs has quickly become a Superhost, which to me is no surprise....she also offers full cancellation if you cancel before 5 days.

"The Stables Cottage" is a lovely venue for weddings, or a bridal party getting ready, or even an escape into the country for couples, or groups of friends alike, you can even take your doggie along for their escape too. The beautiful country setting, with cows peering over the fence, is just idyllic, you can spend your break away soaking in the spa or bath looking at the starry night sky, a perfect backdrop to celebrate, be it a birthday or anniversary. You can also ask Becs about a scrumptious platter so lovingly made. Becs provides local eggs and bread, fresh baking along with a breakfast basket, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, you can also hook up the UE Boom, to your phone and enjoy your stay away. All of this is an easy escape, within an hours drive from the hustle and bustle of Auckland's CBD.

Finishing off a lovely hour or so with Becs, I can see why we gel, I believe we both have our guests best interests at heart, we both love what we do, we are both creative and want to make the difference. We are within 15 minutes from each other, and we both offer a wonderful country escape, we both offer gorgeous rural views, with the peace and quiet that comes with country living. For me, it is nice to be able to offer another option if A Deer Cottage is not available, and I have complete confidence that if I offer "The Stables Cottage" as an alternative, the guest will be beautifully looked after by Becs. You can find "The Stables Cottage" through the Airbnb website, or Instagram.

To finish off this November blog, Te Kani and I had an exciting evening last night when we went to watch the final "Women's Rugby World Cup", against the New Zealand Black Ferns and the English Red Roses. It was so fantastic to see the historic crowd of 42,000 coming out to cheer these brilliant teams on. The atmosphere was happy, electric and positive, the end result was thrilling with the New Zealand's Black Ferns winning 34 and England's Red Roses 31. I personally really loved seeing the young and old support our girls with the poi, such a neat and uniquely kiwi touch.

Until next time.....If you wish to find out more about A Deer Cottage, you can click here

Take care, and travel safely! A Deer Cottage's next blog will be in December! with love Angela 🦌❤️🦌

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