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April Adventures: New Offerings, Nature's Beauty, and Anzac Day Tributes at A Deer Cottage

Greetings, my deer readers! Welcome back to our cozy corner at A Deer Cottage in Kaukapakapa, only 51.2 km's from Auckland's CBD, but it feels like a million miles away..... As the vibrant colours of Autumn start to bloom around us, we have some exciting updates and adventures to share with you.

New Services at A Deer Cottage: Introducing Nadia

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer an array of rejuvenating services at A Deer Cottage, courtesy of the talented Nadia. Nestled in our charming Shiatsu cottage, Nadia offers Relaxation and Swedish massages, reflexology, and Reiki sessions.

Whether you're in need of some deep relaxation, stress relief, or a spiritual uplift, Nadia's expertise will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Treat yourself to a pampering session amidst the tranquil surroundings of A Deer Cottage. If you wish to find out more about Nadia's services and costs please give her a call on: +64 211484987

A Day Out at Omeru Falls

Last week, Te Kani, Macy, and I decided to indulge in a little adventure and explore the natural beauty that surrounds us. We packed a picnic basket filled with goodies and set off to Omeru Falls, less than 10 minutes from A Deer Cottage.

Nestled amidst lush greenery, Omeru Falls is a hidden gem that never fails to enchant us. The soothing sound of cascading water, the crisp air, and the vibrant colours of Autumn made for a perfect setting for our little picnic.

Macy, our gorgeous Catahoula and much loved companion, couldn't contain her excitement as she frolicked around, chasing her ball and butterflies, while also exploring the surroundings. It was a simple yet magical day spent in the company of loved ones, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Anzac Day Services in Kaukapakapa Community

In honour of Anzac Day, our local Kaukapakapa community came together for a poignant ceremony. Te Kani had the privilege of delivering a magnificent speech, paying tribute to the courage and sacrifice of our veterans, he shared with the community our following story.

My grandfather James Gilbert and Te Kani's great grandfather, William Friar, were thrown together in World War 1, both as Riflemen in D Company, this Company would have totalled no more than 200 soldiers, so both James and William would have known each other and would have discussed their aspirations after the War. On the 12th October 1917, the third battle of Ypres, became New Zealand's BLACKEST day at Passchendaele, near Bellevue both James and William became two of these casualties. 82 years after New Zealand's BLACKEST day, an extraordinary twist of fate occurred when Te Kani and I got married. This union born out of the sacrifices made by our ancestors in a time of War stands as a powerful testament to the enduring connection between James and William both of our Grandfathers - James Gilbert born in London, from Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand, and William Friar from a little farming community of Huntly in the North Island of New Zealand...... quite incredible! It is a poignant reminder of the bonds forged in the crucible of War and the unexpected paths that bring people together.

Te Kani's words resonated deeply with everyone present, reminding us of the profound significance of this day. It was a moving tribute to those who served, and we felt honoured to be a part of such a meaningful event.

As we embrace the joys of Autumn, we invite you to join us at A Deer Cottage for a blissful retreat. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply a peaceful escape, we have something special waiting for you. If you wish to find out more about A Deer Cottage, set in the hills of Kaukapakapa in Auckland you can do so here

Indulge in a rejuvenating session with Nadia, explore the wonders of nature at Omeru Falls, and join us in honouring our veterans at the Anzac Day services. We look forward to welcoming you to our little slice of paradise.

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Until next time, take care and keep smiling

Angela & Te Kani

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