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June Journeys: From Australia's Wonders to New Zealand's Charm

As June draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on an incredible month spent in Australia. Our hearts are full from the beautiful moments we've experienced, and we're excited to return to A Deer Cottage in Kaukapakapa, Auckland. Here's a look back at some of the highlights of our time here.

Check out the gorgeous gumnuts of the Australian native Eucalyptus tree below:

Meeting Our Newborn Grandson

The most special part of our visit was, without a doubt, meeting our little newborn grandson. The joy of holding him for the first time and seeing his tiny features is something we'll cherish forever. It's been wonderful spending time with him and our daughters, making precious memories together. It was a special moment, when I gave him Melvin & Melrose, the cute little micies that I knitted to adorn his cot.

Coastal Walks and Markets

Australia's stunning coastline provided the perfect backdrop for our daily walks. The fresh sea breeze, the sound of waves crashing, and the breathtaking views were rejuvenating. We also enjoyed exploring various local markets, where we found unique treasures and indulged in delicious local produce. The HMVS Cerberus Submarine at Half Moon Bay is a unique breakwater for the swimmers and divers alike.

Strolling the Queen Victoria Market

We loved checking out the Queen Vic market, getting a few last minute purchases.

Adventures at the Lost Woods and Puffing Billy

Our adventure spirit took us to the enchanting Lost Woods, where we immersed ourselves in nature's beauty. The highlight of our explorations was undoubtedly the Puffing Billy steam train ride. The nostalgic journey through the lush forests and picturesque landscapes was a delightful experience.

Market at Emerald

The market at Emerald was a vibrant and bustling spot. We loved the lively atmosphere, browsing through the diverse stalls, and meeting friendly locals. It's always a pleasure to support local artisans and farmers, and this market did not disappoint.

Spotting Albino Kangaroos

A truly unique experience was seeing albino kangaroos in the wild. These rare and beautiful creatures took our breath away, and it was a reminder of the incredible diversity of wildlife that Australia has to offer.

Celebrating My Birthday & Checking out Melbourne City life

This month, I celebrated my birthday surrounded by loved ones. It was a heartfelt celebration, a trip into Central Melbourne, catching both the train and the tram, and a catch up with family, and dinner at a lovely Italian Restaurant, a few days later my birthday was made complete with a homemade dinner that was both delicious and meaningful. The love and effort put into the meal made it one of the most memorable birthdays I've ever had.

Documenting Our Journey

Throughout our stay, I continued to document our adventures on our YouTube Vlog, A Deer Cottage. Sharing our experiences with our viewers has been a joy, and we hope our videos bring a bit of our journey into your homes. If you wish to check out our YouTube Vlog use this link here

Heading Back to A Deer Cottage

As we prepare to leave Australia, we are filled with mixed emotions. While we'll miss the vibrant life here, we're also looking forward to returning to our serene bed and breakfast, A Deer Cottage, in Kaukapakapa. Auckland, New Zealand. There, we'll welcome new guests and share our cozy retreat with those seeking a peaceful getaway. If you wish to book your A Deer Cottage stay, or find out more, use this link here

Thank you for following along on our journey. Stay tuned for more updates from A Deer Cottage, and we can't wait to share our next adventure with you!

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Until next time, take care, happy travels

With much aroha, Angela & Te Kani 🫎❤️🫎

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