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Birds, baths and beyond

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Well when lockdown hit us with Covid-19, I was happy to have my Husband home, so we could get some of my projects underway. I never envisioned that we would still be at home 6 weeks later.

Growing up, I would visit my Grandparents at their magnificent home at Bland Bay in the Bay of Islands. They lived on an isthmus with the harbour on one side and the ocean on the other. They had a great shower on the outside wall of their cedar home - very forward thinking for a 60's design. My Granny would tell us kids to wash off the sand before coming inside.

So it was easy, many years later for me to think about adding an outside shower to our pool area.

With my girlfriend Annie who offered to give me a hand we created my watering can hot shower. We are so happy with the end result, nothing better than having a hot shower after a spa or a swim..... or is there?

If you have read one of my previous blogs, you will have checked out my outdoor bath project. This has worked out to be a most blissful little haven. Soaking in the bath overlooking the Kaipara Harbour, enjoying the stars and twinkling solar lights, with a glass of wine, after a pizza in the Chimera ...... aaah. To find out more or to book click here.

Photo credit above and below: and her wee boy Mateo

So what next to add to this gorgeous little spot? I know planting is going to just enhance this area, so I re- homed some miniature agapanthus from another area of my garden to border this little haven. I am waiting to plant some creepers and a Cherry tree, that I ordered during Covid-19 lockdown. (Update on this.... creepers and Cherry tree are doing well, and have settled into their new home).

I then thought let's put in some sort of bird sanctuary. Hence, a couple of nesting boxes and a feeding bay.

Well, I was feeling pretty happy with what I had achieved, but I still wasn't ready to hang up my boots. I wanted to get stuck into the old decrepit bath that my farmer mate gave me... I had a vision. I told Kani, and he groaned, as he always does when I talk projects....out came the grinder.

Next, I had to order some anti rust/corrosion primer, my first experience with online ordering and "click and collect". As all the shops were closed due to lockdown, I had to wait until Level 3... quite a challenge ordering something you really had no idea about. But once I had picked it up with the "click and collect", I got to work painting. Boy did that stuff stink! Thank goodness for my Husband's gas mask!

Lo and behold, I had just painted one side of the bath, and I knocked the can over! I went online to the Bunnings website, and shock horror, I could not buy the primer anywhere! If you are like me, once I start a project I am incredibly impatient.

Fortunately, Mitre 10, had a product that had similar properties and I could "click and collect", the same day, phew!

Next, back online to Trade me, where I put a bid on an auction for some old Victorian Bath claw feet and won.

Things were all falling into place, bath cut out, undercoated, feet ordered. Next to order the top coat paint colours. Not so easy ordering paint online without paint charts, however I wanted to match up colours with the "dunny house" and door screen, that I already had in the bath haven. What colour for the legs? I fell in love with the paint name "Lily Legs", as I have a daughter called Lily, I thought, why not?

Ok, so what else would make this little project perfect? Cushions.... so back online I went, this time with Spotlight, chose my canvas colour palette, and impatiently waited for the fabric to arrive. I was so excited when I had the call the fabric had arrived, and got to work cutting out foam from an old mattress, and made a squab and cushions to match.

(Shame my overlocker was giving me grief)

As each day neared its end, I couldn't wait to wake up and carry on......

Well what do you reckon?

As this photo was taken, at 5.30pm the minute after the bath was moved into its final position, you already know I am an impatient person, I could not wait until the following day to pose for the photo, hence my working clothes, and woolly hat - 6 weeks without a hair appointment...

On the eve of Level 2, I cannot wait to offer up our hospitality again and welcome you to "A Deer Cottage". An update..... who would have thought Covid would have effected our World in so many ways? After Auckland coming out of our 3rd Lockdown, we are so blessed to be able to still have guests at A Deer Cottage. Kaukapakapa can offer peace and tranquility without all the stresses that Covid brings. To find out more or to book click here.

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