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A Review or two, especially for you 🦌❤️🦌

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We have been doing this Bed & Breakfast gig at A Deer Cottage, in Kaukapakapa, Auckland for approximately three years now, and for most of that time, we have had disruptances from covid, however we haven't let covid stop us in our tracks!. I know A Deer Cottage gives me great joy and pleasure, to be able to provide a service that puts a smile on faces. Along the way, we have grown so much, I absolutely adore reading all our reviews, and taking all ideas and improvements suggested seriously. One of our very early suggestions was to put a little table and chairs out in the private courtyard for guests to be able to enjoy. I had great satisfaction buying on trade me a vintage style table and two chairs, and repainting in "pink dolly", and then with some fabric I had, I made some cushions for all the outside furniture.

Another of my favourite things to do at A Deer Cottage, is improving the comfort and quirkiness of your surroundings, as I love making things, and using materials we already have here, I have had great joy with many of our projects, (I usually rope in my husband in some way or other, especially for the more challenging things to make....I think we work well together, I have the vision and he has the"know how"). You can check out some of the fun we have had in creating some of these projects in prior blogs/newsletters.... click here

A common theme to my blog/newsletters recently has been chatting about some of the crafting I have been doing for our upcoming grand daughter. This month is no exception, last week, with a few hours on my hands I decided to get out one of my granny's old 1940's sewing patterns, and using vintage fabric that I had squirrelled away, I made a cute little pink romper suit, and overskirt.....but it didn't stop there, I decided the fabric was so lovely and sentimental I made a dolly in matching fabric. I wanted her to have gorgeous olive skin, rouge cheeks, and black curly hair, so coloured the body fabric with a Yorkshire teabag, coloured her cheeks with pink chalk, and curled the black wool for her hair with the wool wrapped around pencils, I steamed the curls in place, the finishing touches to her little face included her embroidered eyebrows, lips, nose and her painted freckles. The tiny little buttons on the petticoat, dress and pinafore are from a very dear friend, and are just so cute. We have decided before we send her off to Japan, my husband and I have named her "Aiko" meaning beloved one, little love, I think perhaps, I will also make her a birth certificate....... what do you think?

Hospitality: "the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers", this description has it down pat. It really makes me happy when someone leaves A Deer Cottage, wanting to come back. We had our first repeat guests last weekend, so I believe we must be doing things ok, however as I mentioned above, I really appreciate guests taking the time to let me know how we can always do better, I put into A Deer Cottage a little check list. Thank you for filling this out.

I am continuously working on my social media, getting the help from a dear friend. I have interviewed Reneé for my newsletters on a couple of occasions before, such a talented and kind caring person. I enjoy interviewing locals and am open to suggestions on what you would like to hear about, so please feel free to drop me a message if you wish. Our email:

Ok, well as I was about to send off the newsletter, I had an afternoon to spare, I couldn't resist temptation to have a look at some of my patterns and fabrics, and decided Aiko needed a little travelling companion, so Desireé the deer was born........anyway until next time, keep safe and be happy.

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